Let’s Read to Change Lives: National Read-a-thon Day

It’s no secret that people these days are reading less and less. Whether it’s because of the amplification of technology or the growth of cinematography, one thing is clear: The number of American readers is declining. This doesn’t even take into account the unfortunate truth about American literacy, which, according to Penguin Random House, is that “about 14% of Americans are truly illiterate.” This is a tragic reality; but, if you are one of the few that still enjoys reading, wants more people to get involved, and would be interested in supporting programs to promote American literacy, then today’s National Read-a-thon Day is the event for you!

National Read-a-thon Day is a four-hour reading session from 12-4 pm where people from any area can read to support The National Book Foundation in raising the literacy rates in the US. Through local schools or libraries, you can host the National Read-a-thon at locations for a group read, where several people in your area can get involved and have a good time. For the readers who prefer a more private environment, you can most certainly read at home. Any book from any source is acceptable (paper, tablet, kindle, audiobook, etc.).

On any social media? Get people involved through Facebook, Twitter, or any site you use! Don’t forget to share your reading moments with the hashtag #TimeToRead .

Let’s get America back on track! Let’s get America reading again!


If you are interested in donating money or need more detailed information on how to get involved through a “reading party” and hosting one, refer here to the Penguin Random House page. Also, if you have any more questions about National Read-a-thon Day, then do not hesitate to email Penguin Random House at [email protected]


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