Letter to a Stranger by Ma. Catalina Jimenez

Dear stranger,

You don´t know me, why would you? I´m just the girl who is always reading on the bus and has a journal so full of words that sometimes it seems it´s going to blow up. Of course you don´t know me, but you know what? I don´t care.

Many people dream about becoming famous. They want everyone to know their names. They want to wear fancy clothes and attend exclusive parties. But the truth is I really don´t care about those things. I want something else. I want to write. I want to make people burst into tears with my stories, and then make them laugh so loudly that they are going to start crying again. I want my words to take me far away, to places I have never been to.

I hope someday I will be able to achieve these things, but still you won´t know who I am. For you, I will always be that quiet girl who never speaks up. You will never know that other part of me and, what´s more, how many things I can express on a piece of paper. But it´s ok, because I´m not looking for recognition. I want people to know my thoughts, not my name.

So, you are a stranger for me, and I’m just a young girl for you, and maybe you will meet me someday and I will make you cry and make you laugh. But right now this is enough. We are just two strangers sitting side by side on a crowded bus.

Looking forward to meeting you,

……Just a girl.


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