Science Needs Women

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In addition to creating the fab beauty products, the L’Oreal Corporate Foundation supports women in the sciences to help close the gender gap within the field. The Foundation has teamed up with UNESCO to offer fellowships for 15 female scientists from around the world. Together, they’ve produced this totally inspiring video about how 10 female scientists overcame struggles and found the confidence and strength to become leaders in the sciences community. As you may know, being a woman in science is not easy. There’s been tons of gender discrimination and deeply ingrained sexism that has prevented countless generations of women from truly achieving their full potential in the field.

These incredible women that have been featured now serve as role models for future female generations  to pursue their interests in the sciences. They encourage young women to go after their interests in a field that actively works to discriminate them and  to not be ashamed of their gender, even if they have to fight to be seen as equals to men. Take a second to watch this video, and understand that not only do women need science, but science needs women.


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