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So many different aspects make up who you are today — likes, dislikes, hobbies, friends, family, choices, religion, nationality — and yet, until a few months ago, I had never been given the opportunity to embrace these variations in people.

Moving to Dubai, an extremely multicultural, global city, gave me the chance to understand the beauty of differences of being international.

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Photo by Aarushi Marde

Being international has many advantages. It helps you develop adaptability and flexibility, which helps you adjust to new places and lifestyles. You develop perspective, opening your mind and broadening your horizons to ideas and opinions you would never have thought possible. These are all skills which will undoubtedly help in the future.

Being international emphasises the importance of learning a foreign language to be able to communicate and connect with people all over the world, which also enhances your social skills. Over the years I have studied and learned 8 different languages — Hindi, Marathi, English, French, Spanish, Latin, Mandarin, and Arabic — and I am proud to say I can speak four of these languages fluently.

The only downside I’ve discovered to being international is being away from home.  Up until now I had never appreciated the beauty of a city or a country I could call my home. Now I have the chance to realise how much a city or country can mean to someone, a place where I can grow up and make so many beautiful memories.  A city can be as much of a home as a house can.

Being in an international school, I am able to meet such a wide range of people from all around the world, which opened my eyes to diversity. If I were asked to walk around the world, I would only need to walk around my school. There, I could meet people from all around the globe who speak a range of different languages and who could share experiences and recollections of their nations.

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Photo by Aarushi Marde

Recently in my school, we celebrated International Day, which was the first time I had ever done so in my life. The day started off with all of the students and staff dressing up in traditional clothing from their home country and bringing in a national dish. This was then followed by many activities such as flag making and food tasting. The highlight of this day, however, was the big parade, which was a chance where we could all show off and celebrate our nationality. I love International Day because it is a day dedicated to celebrating not just your nationality, but the beauty of everyone’s internationality.  After this experience, I realized not just the beauty of being different but the beauty of being the same.

To be international, you don’t need to have moved around and lived in different countries throughout your life. For example, I live in Dubai, my family is from India, I love Mexican food, my clothes are from England, my laptop and phone are from Japan, etc. To be international, all you have to do is embrace new nations and be worldwide at heart.

I’m very proud to be who I am, a British citizen. But moreover, I am a proud global citizen, feeling a connection with the world. I think every person has their own identity and beauty. Everyone being different is what really is beautiful.





Aarushi MardeAarushi  Marde is 13 years old and goes to Gems Wellington International School in Dubai, where her favorite subjects are English literature, media, and drama. Her interests include reading, writing, debating, competitive sports (particularly rounder’s and badminton), paper quilling, and ballet. She enjoys participating in public speaking competitions and musical/theatrical performances. In her last visit England she was lucky enough to visit the Harry Potter Studios!

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