Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates…

…Because just like a box of chocolates, you expect to get one thing, and you usually end up disappointed because you get something completely different. I know that sounds very pessimistic; but, truthfully, it’s one of the more optimistic things I’ve said lately. Being disappointed in the way something turns out just because it isn’t the way you wanted it to be doesn’t necessarily make it bad; it just makes it different. Sometimes the outcome may be better, but you won’t realize it because you have lingering thoughts of what could have been. Fine, you were really hoping for the peanut-caramel cluster, but you got the toffee instead. Toffee is awesome. Eat the toffee and stop thinking about the peanut-caramel cluster.

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This year my life was one surprise party after another — minus the party part — and, yes, some of the surprises were the worst. There really were no silver linings, but most of the surprises were learning lessons or unknown conveniences. Just like a surprise party, I had a moment of “oh my god, this is the worst and I hate everyone and everything here,” but eventually, when the things cooled down, I thought, “Well, okay. This isn’t too bad. I should find a way to enjoy this.”

I promise, all these metaphors have a purpose. Basically, in the New Year, enjoy every twist and turn you are faced with. Don’t think of 2016 as a new book but rather a new chapter. It isn’t a new beginning, but it is an exciting new adventure. Be the Dora* of your own life. And also remember that sometimes, even if you thought something or someone should always be a part of your life, don’t be afraid to let go. The absence of something just makes room for something else.


*For those of you who are non-millennials, that was a Dora the Explorer reference.


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