Imagine you could change the world with a simple invention. Imagine that you could save millions of lives with a little tube. Now, it’s possible! Switzerland inventor Vestergaard Frandsen has designed and developed one of the most life-changing inventions of all time: the Life Straw. This simple tube can be utilized as an easy-to-use drinking device that filters unsanitary water into fresh drinkable water in seconds. In other words, the Life Straw is a portable filter.

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The Life Straw uses an easy process of suction (for the original Life Straw) or gravity (for the Life Straw family addition). Each Life Straw can individually provide about one thousand liters of water. In countries like America, the Life Straw only costs around 20 dollars to buy, but that price is altered to a lower amount for countries who truly need the Life Straw to survive. In the US, people mostly bring this amazing product around on hiking or camping trips, backpacking, or any kind of travel where water is unavailable. No lakes or rivers nearby? No problem! The Life Straw can even pick up water from small puddles!

People from all around have only good things to say about this remarkable invention. It’s easy to use, easy to carry, and only takes up a small amount of space in a travel bag. The Life Straw provides life even when there seems to only be a small amount of hope left. Inventions like the Life Straw inform us about the plight of people who are less fortunate, and it’s by learning about these issues that we can be inspired to stand up and make a difference.

Whether that difference is on a global scale or simply a change in your area, it is important.

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