Love Is an Investment by Nahal Amouzadeh

love is an investment

when he says all the right things,
look into your heart like you would your wallet
and count the good memories like dollar bills,
and tell yourself it isn’t the right time, no, not yet;
maybe when you’re richer with more joyful times.

love is an investment

your bank account can’t hold the weight
of how much those bay windows mean to you
or how the kitchen of this investment is the perfect size.
so you put it off, like swallowing those three words
when they’re sitting on your tongue, choking you
in the passenger seat of his car because no,
it can’t be the right time, not yet.

love is an investment

put it off like you’d put off buying that coat
that would keep you warm in the winter
because you already have a coat and it’s only September
so you walk away after just a second too long.
you’ll be ready in a couple months
to splurge a little and put your heart out on the line.
it’s just not the right time; no, not yet.

love is an investment
so you treat it accordingly
and it seems the prices keep going up,
and the months just drag on
until the home is sold and the coat is gone
and there’s no more love to invest in.

but love is an investment
and you are a businesswoman
and you won’t buy into your loneliness
because love is an investment you think you’re not ready for.


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