The last time they told
A story like ours
The world was built around
Brooches, jewels, and silks
We wore armor, wielded daggers
And sharpened every word

The last time I felt
A love like this
I was younger than the morning dew
And just as sweet
I wanted for nothing

The last time the world saw
Such explosive terror
Juxtaposed with wild joy,
I held my clean, beating heart
In my own hands
And watched it blacken

But this is the first time
You saw me too
And the world has moved forward
To steel and bullets and fire
And the past weighs too heavily
For me to feel this light

But when our bodies sparked
Against each other in the night
And the scars disappeared from my skin,
As though they’d never been there,
My heart emerged pink and whole
And I took your hand.



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