“do you believe in magic?”

“no. i believe in art.”

oh art, what a spectacular enigma you exist as.

you are described almost perfectly with the word. you are peculiar, and mind boggling, and at the very least, astonishingly overwhelming.

it captivates me when i see you raw. it enthralls me when i see you ripe. although who is to say when you are raw or ripe? after all, you are a refined eternity, with a beginning but no end.

you are breathtaking, and the only thing surreal and real at once. you are a sour ripeness, a dark morning, an empty sun, and a neverlasting fire.

your existence is impossible to comprehend and you are inexplicable.

you are, in the truest sense, art.

so no, i do not believe in magic, but i do believe in moulding persons unmouldable. changing people unchangeable. making a difference in this sour indifferent world; engraving your initials with your bare hands on this hard, cold earth.

And for now, that somehow seems to be enough.




Mehr JunejaMehr Juneja is 15 years of age and lives in Gurgaon, Harayana. Prose, poetry, music, and being obsessed with television shows; these are her interests. Writing since she was 11, Mehr continues to transform thoughts into quaint writings and hopes that she does justice in doing so. Visit her blog at mehrjuneja.wordpress.com.


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