March: Week One Writing Challenge

Welcome, Germies, to this week’s writing challenge. This challenge will begin today, March 1st, and will end this Friday, March 7th. However, you are welcome to come back anytime to complete this challenge and submit it below. We will pick a few of our favorites that are submitted during this week, though, and they will be featured in our Lit Teen section.

Week One Writing Challenge:

Write a drabble that goes along with Germ’s theme for March: “March to the beat of your own drum.”

The drabble for this challenge must follow these simple guidelines:

1. It must be 100 words exactly, no more and no less. This does not include the title.

2. There must be a setting.file000546043647

3. There must be at least one character.

4. There must be some conflict.

5. There must be some resolution.


Submitting for this challenge is easy. In order for everyone to be able to see your work, simply submit your completed challenge into the comment boxes below. Please include your age, if you feel comfortable doing so, along with your challenge. These challenges are intended for those who are 12 to 22, so only those ages can receive a featured spot in our teen section. If you have any questions at all, please email me at [email protected].


4 thoughts on “March: Week One Writing Challenge”

  1. Meg’s Dilemma
    By Lila Cooper (I’m 12)

    The bitter air made Meg shiver in her puffy jacket which she thought made her look like a giant marshmallow next to all of the women wearing sleek coats strutting across the NYC streets. When she was in school she looked across the sea of people only to see more pretty, skinny, fashionable girls. She felt as if someone had just punched her in the stomach and all of her self confidence came flying out of her mouth. I mean this feeling doesn’t last forever and it can’t, Meg thought feeling a little more satisfied with herself.

    P.S I found out about this through Marsha Bennett

  2. The Strange men
    By Pranit Vig, 12

    On a dark night, when everyone was asleep and the only sound were the crickets chirping, two men under hoodies strode across the dark streets. It was a dreary and black night in the city of Beijing. The shop vendors had long closed hastily, as to get far, far away from darkness. The first man exchanged a few words with the second man. The second man, had a cold and smooth voice. Suddenly, a man stepped out of the shadows and glared at the two men. They ran as far as their legs would carry. They were never seen again.

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