Dear Germs,

Germ has taken a short break, but we’re back!

First things first, welcome to this month’s writing challenge! May’s challenge begins today and ends May 31. However, you are welcome to come back anytime to complete the challenge and submit it below in the comments section. We will pick a few of our favorites submitted throughout this month, and they will be featured in our Lit section.


Writing Challenge:

–Write a 100-word story. It must be 100 words exactly, no more and no less. This does not include the title.

  • There must be a setting. For many of us, summer is almost here, so how about a summer story?
  • There must be at least one character.
  • There must be some conflict. (man vs. man; man vs. self; man vs. nature)

Submitting for this challenge is easy. Simply email your story to [email protected]. Put “May Writing Challenge” as the subject of your email, and include your name, age, and country in the body of your message. If you have any questions, or if you’re having problems submitting, feel free to email me at [email protected].

Everyone who completes the challenge will be responded to and informed as to whether or not their piece has been chosen to be featured. Since the deadline for this challenge is May 31, do not expect an email from us until June.

To prevent the possibility of our emails ending up in your spam folder, be sure to add [email protected] to your contacts list.

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