These entries from May's challenge were selected as Honorable Mentions. Those who completed this challenge are now encouraged to share their stories in the comments section of the "May Writing Challenge."

Ellen Durbin

A Darkness

The road was long, broken; tangled with secrets and graves. Desperation and dread poured out of the small girl as she fought her way up the incessant slope; tattered, bleeding, followed.

Dangerous trees bordered her, their shadows a warning that was cast over all those who tried, failed to walk this path. This place, wherever, whoever it was, was no place for a child, no place for anyone. Then again, was she anyone?

This girl was neither alive, nor dead. This girl belonged to the darkness, the darkness belonged to her. But just once, she needed to see the light…




Sofia Aguilar


All I could see was blue, the color of the sky that was free of wild, unsettled clouds. I felt soil settle into my hands as I clutched for some recollection of what was happening to me. I realized I was staring into the eyes of a little boy, his face smeared with paint that seemed to glisten from a nonexistent sunlight. Before I could further question why I was in a jungle, the boy growled and snapped his teeth at me, raising goosebumps on my skin. He didn’t say anything, but from that moment, he burned adventure into me.





Yearning for a Nap

That Tuesday afternoon, I collapsed onto the floor, exhausted. The sun created shafts of light shining through the windows, illuminating the dust particles, like fairy magic, plodding tiredly through the air. The wooden floor was uncomfortable. Hard. I needed a couch! Slumping onto my side, I stared across the chamber to the deflated cushions of a long ago treasure. The wall was next to me and I pushed off, sliding across the room, swimming through dust and dirt, crawling my way up the side of a mountain, a water bug on the glass of a pond. That comfort was mine.




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