Somewhere along the way,
you lost your voice

You remember it being made out of springtime lullabies
and strong powerful marching songs.
It was the way you expressed yourself.

A defence mechanism in times of war.

You used it against strangers and enemies
and friends and family.
To fight and unite and sing your sister to sleep.
At times you used it for yourself
when no one was around and you needed someone who already understood.

But so many things happened.
And so many friends left.
All the reasons to use your voice died down
along with the sunflowers that were hidden there.

Somewhere along the way you lost your voice..

And it’s getting more and more difficult to retrieve it back.




Jenneve Abaño Aying (22) is a Belgian Literature student. She is a dancer, a dreamer, and a poet at heart. Deep thinking and profound art is something essential in her life. Besides writing, she is either busy petting a cat, painting on canvas, or Tumblr scrolling. She tries to accept herself more through her poetry and hopes to help others who are also struggling along the way.

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