My Dear Shadow,

How is it on the dark side? Do you ever think about where you come from? How your presence is because of me? Do you hear music? Can you feel the soft warmth of the sunset? Can you touch fabric? Have you ever felt comforted by the single stroke of a paint brush or hearing the purr of a cat?

I’m sorry, I guess I’m just curious.

Do you know when days end and begin? Sometimes, I feel lost without you. I feel like you understand.

The moments when you warp into a new creature, like when you welcome the light of a torch. When you stretch or squish into yourself. I feel like you could understand that. When the sun is too bright, when you fall down, down, down like even the Earth can’t hold you. When you become invisible because someone’s left you in the dark.

Because I understand that.

You see, I’m lost. I’ve done something terrible, leaving us both without hope.

This letter is my way of venting, to you and to me. Speaking the facts, telling the truth. I promise to not leave you if you promise to not disappear. Although, I’d be the fading light and you’d be the dampening dark. If you disappeared, it would be my fault. I’m sorry.

Sometimes I wish you’d hold my hand. Stroke my hair or tickle my feet. Instead, we’re intertwined with our feet attached to each other. I stand upright and you lie on the floor. Is it cold down there?

I guess I’m just alone. And you might understand that.

It’s getting dark now, outside my bedroom. The curtains shiver a little, creating a wave to ripple through the pages of the book I’m reading. You might see it, if you were here. But with the darkness blooming and the other shadows looming, I feel enclosed. Do you ever feel like that?

We’re being pressured to hide inside ourselves.

You broke your promise, which means I did too. I guess, I’m just scared of the dark. I’ll take you to see the sunset one day.

Thanks for understanding.

– Me



Caitlin Britton
Cheshire, UK

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