My Mentor Was Me Scholarship


Everyone has a mentor. Some mentors make a larger impact than others, but most of us have had a special person that has guided us and helped us in school and in life. Have you ever thought about paying a tribute to that special person? Do you like to make videos? Would you like to win $1,000?

The My Mentor Was Me Scholarship competition is open to high school seniors as well as undergraduate or graduate level college students who are earning a degree at an accredited college in the US in the fall of 2015.

You need to submit a completed online application and talent release form, create an account, build your member profile on, and record a 1 to 3-minute-long video. This video should identify and describe the impact your mentor has had on your quest for success and the importance of your relationship. The video needs to be original, be creative, and be a high quality reflection of your mentor. The deadline is July 31, 2015, and the winner will be notified on September 1.

So maybe your mentor will inspire you to apply for the My Mentor Was Me Scholarship and have a chance to win $1,000!

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