To the girl in the middle of the Stanford Rape,
You deserve a name.
You are more than ten syllables.
I will call you Bella.
Bella, because you are beautiful.
Or perhaps Brianna,
Because you are strong.
Maybe you are Philomena,
Because you are courageous.
Meredith, like the lighthouse you mentioned,
Wilhelmina, for your determination.
Mira, for your amazing leadership, even through just twelve pages.
Nadine, because you inspire hope.
Clementine, because you have forgiven, though you shall never forget.
Emmeline, for you have worked so hard.
Matilda, because you have fought the best battle.
Alexandra, because you defend others.
Coraline, like the brave book, you can get through anything.
Carla, because no one can keep you contained.
You are all these things, and yet more than this list.
The one thing you are not, is a victim.
You say you do not want pity,
But I do not pity you.

I admire you.




Mackenzie is a scatty aspiring scientist who sees art in Biology. She is also a proud Hufflepuff and an equally proud Aspie. She actually hates writing and always has, but every now and then her feelings explode… Yay for confused “short” stories and angry poems!

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