NOT a New Year’s Resolution: How to Set Goals You Might Actually Keep

Besides one year when I made a New Year’s resolution to floss my teeth everyday (one that I am very proud to say I have stuck with since), I have never really thought about making a resolution before. I think the main reason I have not done one is because I either truly don’t think about it or I don’t think that I can follow through with it.

This year, though, I decided I would try something different. Because I think year-long resolutions are hard to attain (for myself, at least — kudos to you if you are able to keep motivated on something that long), I am going to make a list for myself the first day of each month of things that I must do. These lists are going to be focused on making myself a better person, helping others around me, and working with complete strangers. They will challenge me to get out of my comfort zone on many levels. *exhale deeply here*

January 2015 Resolutions/Goals/Desires/Challenges:

1. Compliment 5 people I do not know
2. Each day this month, I will focus more on the joys in being a mom rather than finding the challenges in it. This will be especially hard this month with Ryan starting busy season and me on my own for most of it. This goal could not have come at a more prominent time.
3. Go on a cleansing diet – mostly because I have never done one before and I want to make myself stick to something that I think is impossible for me to accomplish. And eating is DEFINITELY one of my favorite things to do, so this will be difficult
4. Do a personal Bible study just for myself
5. Do my best not to talk negatively about anyone. I was speaking with my boss recently, and she was talking about how everyone needs to foster a work environment of encouragement and support. And during that talk, she reminded me that people will almost always find out what you say about them — good and bad.

As a mom with two kids… wait, with two babies!… and a full-time job, I constantly make excuses of not having enough time to do anything outside my normal routine. Sure, there is legitimacy in me having a full schedule with the plates I am balancing, but I read this quote once that really convicted me and put me in my place: “If it’s important to you, you will find a WAY. If it’s not, you will find an EXCUSE.”

If that’s true, than I need to find a way to make time for all of the goals above because being a better person is definitely important to me.

If you set New Year’s resolutions for yourself this year, I do hope your journey goes well and leads you where you want to be this year in 2015. Cheers!

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