Not Only Is This Stuttering Comedian Talented, but His Story and His Message Had Me in Tears

Drew Lynch came on America’s Got Talent this year and wowed the judges, especially Howie Mendel. Lynch’s stutter was the result of a sports injury, and he found stand-up comedy as a way to cope with his frustrations.

One of the most powerful moments for me was when Lynch was talking to the camera before the show, and he said, “The person I was before would probably never hang out with who I am today. I thought people were lucky if they got to talk to me, and, uh, I was a jerk.” 

After a painful moment of self-reflection, Lynch explained why he does what he does: “I feel a lot of responsibility to show people that you can turn anything into a positive.”

If his story and his supportive girlfriend weren’t enough to get the waterworks going, just wait until the very end of the video.

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