My stomach churns,
My head pounds,
And my heart burns,
Most of the memories from last night are clouded.

I remember the irrelevant things.

Your husky laugh,
The crack in it when you found something really funny.
Your foggy eyes,
The brilliant blue clouded by alcohol.
Your crooked smile,
Your imperfect teeth making it seem like a work of art.
The way you stumbled over to me in your tipsy state,
As if I was the only thing on your mind.
The way my name sounded in your slurred voice,
Whiny and clingy,
As if you wanted my attention and didn’t want to share.
The way it felt when you put your arm around me,
Warm and inviting.

I just really hope you realise,
Whilst you’re nursing your hangover,
Probably regretting the things you said and did,
It wasn’t the getting drunk I loved,
It was just being with you.




Becky GreenBecky Green is a devoted daydreamer, dedicated writer and an avid reader with a deep set passion for nature and photography. She resides in the English countryside and aspires to leave her small town to travel around the world to influence her work. She hopes to one day publish one of her novels and make a positive difference in the society we live in.


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