While I love One Direction’s newest single, “Drag Me Down,” I’m not a big fan of the music video. I’m impressed they were able to film it at NASA, but I just feel that the overall video doesn’t fit the solemn yet strong tone of the music and lyrics.

It’s also bittersweet since this may be one of their last music videos together. They claim to only be going on a year-long break, but since a lot can happen in a year, many are skeptical as to whether or not they’ll ever come back together as a band.

Now, people are wondering who will become the next Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake — both famous singers who started out in groups. Zayn already left a bit ago to try a solo career; do you think any of the others will try? Better yet, do you think any of them, including Zayn, will be successful on their own? Simon Cowell seemed to think that they were stronger as a group — hence why he put them all together. Now that they’ve had years to progress their vocals — and now that they have celebrity status — will they find success as individual artists?


Below is a short video Clevver News that talks a bit more about One Direction’s breakup:

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