Outfit Hacks to Stay Trendy and Warm This Winter

The struggle is always real in the winter, especially when it comes time to pick out an outfit. You may be in the mood to wear a bold dress, but the fear of the low temperatures and cold knees makes you change into sweatpants. Trust me, we’ve all been there. To prevent this, here are four hacks that will keep your winter outfit game on point, without the worry of potential frostbite.

Boot Socks

Boot socks are, and always will be, the greatest of all time. They function as protectors against those frigid days and add character and style to any ensemble. The knee-high boot trend is real, and the simple bit of sock peeking out from the top of the boot certainly adds a pop of color and warmth. With different thicknesses and designs, you can never go wrong with the classic boot socks.

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One Word: Layers

This seems obvious, but layering is everything. Throw a flannel shirt under a chunky sweater for a preppy yet warm look, or place a lighter cardigan under a thicker faux fur jacket for ultimate coziness. When it comes to layering, the major secret weapon is the blanket scarf. Put one on over any attire, and you are ready for any cold weather (yes, even those tragic, below freezing mornings).



Helpful Knit Headbands

Although simple, headbands are adorable and ideal for chilly weather conditions. Knit headbands keep the ears especially toasty, and they can even cure the worst of bedheads. Headbands can be worn with hair up or down, which proves their versatility and conventionality. Buy this fashion-forward accessory ASAP to keep your ears from going numb.

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Did You Say Tights?

Yes, yes I did. If you want to be daring and wear that cute dress or skirt that has been calling your name all season, tights will be your best friend. Wool or flannel tights, in particular, provide the legs with that bit of extra heat we all appreciate in the winter. You can even wear tights under ripped denim for a bold and extra snug feel.

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