I’ve always seen things from a different perspective than most people I have come to know. I feel as if most don’t really appreciate the things around them. When I realized this, I decided to appreciate what I have and the Earth we live in. That is when I started getting into photography and writing. I do not want to waste the little time I have here; that is why I chose to photograph nature. Nature is beautiful and pure. I love nature. It’s where I can truly appreciate life. When I’m at school learning things like chemistry, I hate life. I get frustrated! Why do I need this? That’s when I feel as if I am really wasting away.









emily-perezEmily Perez is a teen from the San Joaquin valley in California. Growing up in this valley inspired her to not only feel strongly about social issues but photography as well. California is one of the most beautiful states filled with beautiful beaches, national parks, as well as different types of cultural values. Although today she focuses more on photographing nature and landscapes, she hopes to eventually travel and give people a new perspective on various cultures/ heritage, such as her own Mexican heritage. Emily is currently on her yearbook school staff as a photographer; she also has taken journalism classes. She absolutely loves both because they give her a sense of the real industry. Emily loves everything that has to do with the arts because it gives various types of people a chance to express themselves.

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