This article is part of a series of women’s college features written by L. N. Holmes. The first two features cover Salem College and Mount Holyoke College.

Less than a forty-five minute drive east of Los Angeles, Scripps College is located in Claremont, California, near mountainous terrain. The school is part of the respected Claremont Colleges. Professionalism and personal development are vital at this institution, where women are trained to enter their fields of study prepared and focused for their careers.

Scripps College for Women Browning and Dorsey Residence Halls
Scripps College for Women, Browning and Dorsey Residence Halls/ “Scripps College for Women-6” by Sergio Sanchez of Lure Photography/ CC BY-SA 3.0

Founded in 1926 by suffragette and philanthropist Ellen Browning Scripps, Scripps College is ranked in the top 25 liberal arts colleges in the nation — tied with Macalester College and the United States Military Academy. The founder, along with designers Edward Huntsman-Trout and Gordon Kaufmann, combined careful landscaping and building planning to create a cozy campus for students. Miss Scripps believed, “The paramount obligation of a college is to develop in its students the ability to think clearly and independently and the ability to live confidently, courageously, and hopefully.”

Academics at Scripps College focus on real life application. With more than 60 majors to choose from, the school is openly transparent about their top majors. The institution has the only art conservation program on the west coast and offers 30 studio art courses. There are also 5-College Programs available through Pomona College, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont McKenna College, and Pitzer College. Prospective students must take their applications seriously if they want to attend Scripps College, which is among the most selective in the entire nation with a 27% admittance rate.

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From The Scripps Voice article “Photo Collage: Happy Summer?” by Nicole Zwiener and used with permission.

Prospective students should expect to have a social life at this sunny place in California. There are quite a few areas on campus to socialize, such as many pleasant outdoor areas and the Motley Coffeehouse — a student-run, feminist, non-profit organization. One of the most popular social events and longstanding traditions is the Afternoon Tea, observed since 1931. Additionally, there is much available as far as scheduled events around campus.

Athletic individuals may enjoy playing on NCAA Division III teams where 11 sports such as water polo, softball, and basketball are available to students. Intramural and club sports such as cycling, rugby, and even Quidditch are also offered. A small amount of non-athletic clubs and organizations exist for students, with more opportunities available in the 5C community.

The college is not devoid of strife, but the community appears to handle it well. Students have come together to discuss and denounce recent racist and anti-Semitic hate crimes on campus. Scripps College’s staff has worked hard to conserve water during the severe drought, and even difficult subjects like rape culture are openly discussed in public environments.

Scripps College offers women a chance to create balance between one’s private, academic, and professional lives. If you are considering a college to attend, and if a vibrant campus and real life work force preparation appeal to you, then Scripps College might be a great place to consider for continuing your education.

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