A Letter to My Three Future Mes

Querida Ashamed Future Me,

I hope you know that you’re not the only one making mistakes. Every piece of guilt you feel—for being absent in a relationship, for forgetting a promise you made, for shouting at someone you care about in anger—you must remember everyone is making those same mistakes. It’s important that you feel this guilt—for it can help you improve yourself, help you realize your mistakes—but don’t let your guilt consume you, overwhelm you. Don’t forget the power saying sorry can have when you truly mean it. Remember that you can move people with your words and the kindness of your heart.

Querida Inventive Future Me,

I hope you’re still bursting with ideas and pursuing your creative side. Your little projects—your sketches, the things you build, the words you write—they fuel you, and they inspire those around you. Your mind is a creative place bursting with ideas. Try them out. See them fail. Learn from your mistakes and do it over or start a new project. Pursue your passions. See them succeed, and be proud. Show off your work. Be humble, but don’t hide your talents.

Querida Doubtful Future Me,

I hope you’ve stopped insulting yourself and doubting every word you said in those conversations that didn’t go quite right. You can’t forget that the bad days are just that: days. They will come, and they will go. Your self-pride and self-confidence should thrive. Start and end your days with positive thoughts. Respect yourself. Be grateful for your thoughts and feelings—the outlets you have for them. Cultivate your emotions and surround yourself in a garden of positivity. I hope you’re doing well and that you’re still grateful for every second of your beautiful, blessed life.


Un bouquet d’amour,

Toi-même aux treize ans

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