In a time of racial turmoil in the US, media can often inflame the situation (looking at you, Fox News), but in some cases, it can prove very beneficial. Take this video by Brave New Films, which beautifully and simply explains the inequality of racism that Blacks in America experience daily.

Now, as I write this, I am majorly side-eyeing Facebook because this video is an honest, non-inflammatory look at race relations in the US (it’s literally just a bunch of statistics), yet in a PRIVATE MESSAGE to colleague and editing-wonder-woman Briana Bailey, Facebook marked the video as “abusive” and removed it. Explain to me how a video that’s so relevant given the insanity erupting in Baltimore currently over the murder of a black man by white police officers is being removed. I’m finding it very hard to find this a coincidence because Facebook has pulled shady and hypocritical stuff like this in the past. Either way, the joke’s on them because this video and its message are going viral.


(P.S.– I’m now heavily side-eyeing WordPress as well because this lovely platform also censored the hashtag that I included for solidarity for the people of Baltimore. Once again, the jokes on you, WordPress, because you won’t recognize it if I write Hashtag-Baltimore-Uprising.)

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