When the clouds are impregnated
with infinite droplets of water,
delicate enough to bequeath upon you
a lifetime of experiences,
and so Herculean enough
to drown you away.

A curtain of rain
descends down from heaven,
as a solemn dance
for all humanity.
As if it pens its own poetry
to the cadence of its own music;
an acoustic tune of liquid tapestry.

Here’s to me,
who stands underneath the rain
until the sky clears up
and the sun shines again.

For the euphoria
I sense when these rain droplets
carelessly yet gracefully trickle down my skin.
And as these droplets are never ever,
mistaken for my tears.

Until today, I fail to decipher
why those little ones sing along in chorus,
“ Rain, rain, go away “
as for me, I always adored the rain.

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