Image via Harper Collins.
Image via Harper Collins

Shadows lurk behind every corner, as do monsters in Kali Wallace’s debut novel, Shallow Graves. This haunting tale follows the challenges and experiences of Breezy, a girl who was killed and has been magically resurrected from the dead. From being undead to having to decipher her romantic feelings toward both boys and girls, Breezy has a lot to overcome. Not only does she face the challenge of having to be resurrected into an unfamiliar world, but she has also gained the ability to recognize killers — which may become incredibly dangerous for her as she discovers what she truly is. With killers all around, Breezy has to choose to leave them to their own fate or to take matters into her own hands.

While being resurrected and called to rid the world of killers, Breezy is only facing the beginning of what is to come. After meeting a nice boy named Danny at a gas station and hearing about a church that will help anyone that is down on their luck, Breezy knows she has to find them and seek the help she needs to get back on her own two feet. But as she soon discovers, the church and their pastor Mr. Willow hide more darkness than anything Breezy has ever experienced; they also hold all of the secrets about what she truly is. Now having to discover who is on her side and who is out to hunt her, Breezy must choose allies and must stop this mysterious church and the horrors that occur behind its walls.

Shallow Graves is completely addictive and written in a way that will keep readers engrossed in the plot all throughout the reading experience. With constant action, drama, and peril, Shallow Graves is a book that all teens are sure to enjoy. With a similar feel as Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight or Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, this debut novel is just as riveting — and definitely more spine-chilling and scary. Even though the whole story is not overly frightening, a few specific scenes are guaranteed to keep readers up at night, checking to see what monsters are lurking under their beds or hiding in their closets.

As an avid reader of contemporary teen fiction, I felt this novel was a great change of pace. While I try to avoid horror-related fiction, this novel is now one of my favorite books. I enjoyed the mysterious and shocking moments that were scattered throughout the novel and how Kali Wallace created a story that can be called truly original. Shallow Graves is definitely a novel that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an exciting and pulse-pounding read. Follow Breezy and her friends as they fight for justice and unlock secrets that are much darker than they appear in Shallow Graves, which goes on sale on January 26, 2016.


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