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The end of the world is near. People are dying, and the Others are the ones to blame. The 5th Wave is a fast-paced tale about resilience, love, and the fight to right wrongs. This novel may have similar elements to other YA series, but it is completely original and is sure to captivate even the most reluctant of readers. The action begins on page one and will not cease until the last page is turned. The end of the world has begun, and it’s only hope is a teenage girl.

The story begins with Cassie, a self-reliant and intelligent girl, who is desperately seeking to find her brother who has been taken by the Others — an alien race disguised as humans. Now on the run from these alien creatures, Cassie has to protect herself from getting shot or blown up, dying from hunger, or losing herself to her barbaric existence. Along the way she sees old friends resurface and new allies and enemies appear for the very first time. With waves of disaster and hundreds upon hundreds of humans dying every minute, Cassie has to rescue her brother and defeat the Others before it’s too late.

This action-thriller is nothing short of amazing. The plot flies at the speed of a bullet and hits readers in the heart as we read the triumphs and struggles that Cassie and her friends face as they strive to help keep Cassie alive so she can save her brother from certain death. Despite the cliché alien element to the story, teens are sure to enjoy the constant suspense, violence, and romance that occurs in The 5th Wave. This is a book that readers will not want to miss out on.

I initially didn’t have any interest in the novel, but once I heard about the movie being released starring Chloë Grace Moretz, I had to read it. I am so glad that I chose to give this book a chance. This novel is a fantastic start to an even greater series, which is now one of my favorite sci-fi series. With the movie being released recently, teens and adults are sure to want to read this novel before seeing it on the big screen. With such a complex and mysterious plot, The 5th Wave film has very high expectations from loyal fans of Rick Yancey’s work. Pick up a copy of The 5th Wave today and experience Cassie’s journey as she strives to keep her promise, save what’s left of humanity, and even fall for a boy whose secrets could shatter her world.


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