Rose by Ashley Myers

Do you see her?
Her beauty radiates off of her
It breaks through every windowrose-141314_640
It shines like the brightest star
She is vibrant and bold
She is beautiful

Do you feel her?
She is as smooth as silk
Fragile and gentle
Soft and vulnerable
Silent yet staggering
She is beautiful

Do you catch her scent?
Her aroma is strong yet pleasant
Sweet and sugary
Swaying through the breeze
She is beautiful





Ashley MyersAshley Myers is from Lawrence, New York. She is a writer and the chief art editor for her high school newspaper. She really enjoys writing, specifically poetry and fiction. She was inspired to write in the fourth grade when her class was told to keep a journal and write stories to express their creativity. She hopes to be an author one day, and J. K. Rowling has been a huge role model for her to pursue her dream.



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