we just want to be loved
we– us–
with circular hearts
and four dimensional minds

we, with beauty
and with nothing
we want a beating heart
icicles, like daggers, stem from our hearts
but we like the warmth on miserable nights

we, with envy, and with poison
we’re looking for oxygen, maybe
just a steady breath

we with blood stains
on elbows and knees
we may haunt you
we may leave you
but please try to start our hearts

we are prisoners
like the girl with holes in her skin
she is a russian doll set
in large packaging
they love her painted smile
and the glued glitter on her eyes
she never liked herself
so she’ll rip you up too

we’re sorry
we’re not the sun
but the fire that scorches through you
we say sorry
for not being aphrodite
just girls that sometimes walk on wires.


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