Save or Splurge: Prom Edition


Prom is upon us, and a lot of girls are making last minute preparations. Here is a quick guide when deciding when to save and when to splurge.



The Dress

Honestly, I only spent $23 on my dress. There are great ways to get a fabulous dress without breaking the bank. Try a thrift store or embellishing an old dress with extra tool or rhinestones.

If you don’t have time, try for some more affordable dresses.

However, it’s okay to splurge! It’s prom. Some of my fave stores for prom dresses include Revolve and Reformation.

Also, a classic department store like Nordstroms or Bloomingdales always does the trick. If you are looking for something edgier, try

The Hair

It’s time to look up prom Pinterest boards and start watching DIY YouTube videos. The key decisions: Do you want your hair up or down? How much time will you have, and how skillful are you with a curler and bobby pins? If you decide to go with a complex hairdo, make sure to practice before the big day! Some simple classic looks include: curled, messy fishtail, sleek ponytail, half up half down, and a low bun

It can also be super fun to go to a salon to get your hair done. Make sure to book your appointment ahead of time. You want to have enough time to make it to the dance, but don’t go too early or your hair may lose shape over time. 


With makeup you can either do it yourself or have a friend do it. Make sure that the makeup matches your overall look. You can go soft and elegant, bold and daring, natural, or glam. Use products such as waterproof mascara and lip stains that will last through the dancing and fun. Again, this is something you should practice beforehand. 

An appointment that will not let your makeup melt before the dance is crucial.  Things such as eyebrow waxing should be done days in advance to avoid redness or breakouts. Some great places to do makeup/waxing are Benefit and Queen Bee

The Ride

What’s important is the prom, not necessarily how you get there. If it’s just you and your date or a few friends, it’s okay to just drive. You don’t need a grand entrance. 

If you do choose to make a big statement when pulling up to prom, the question is limo  or party bus? Either way, do some research and find how you can get the best deal. Invite lots of friends to join, so you can split the costs and enjoy the night! 

Accessories is a great resource for affordable jewelry with amazing quality. Also, Icing, surprisingly, can have great costume jewelry. Try searching through your mom’s, grandma’s, or aunt’s old jewelry, and see if they have anything too. 

When deciding to splurge on jewelry for prom, make sure it is something you can wear again.


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