Scholarship Spotlight: Online College Plan


One thing that most of us can agree on in this wild and crazy world is that we believe education is the key to success.  In order to achieve this much-needed and wanted college education, must we then suffer indefinitely under the crushing weight of wild and crazy debt? 

Lives are completely changed by education all the time.  The success stories are all around us.  The trick is to create more access and less financial barriers to college for everyone.  For many, a scholarship opportunity is that first step toward this goal. 

Unfortunately, too many high school students see nothing but the huge price tag of tuition and believe that they have no way to pay not only the tuition, but also the fees, housing, and other living expenses that accompany college life. 

There are many colleges and organizations that are providing scholarship opportunities for financially eligible and deserving students, some without many strings attached.  Many students are not aware of these opportunities, though, and don’t know where to find information about all their potential scholarship options.

Ashleigh Bell of Online College Plan wants to change all that.  Bell states, “We list accurate and helpful  scholarship opportunities by providing information on various organizations which may help students to get the money they deserve.”

Are you looking for college cash?  Check out this new and interesting research graphic called “Easy Money: Quick College Scholarships.” 

Online College Plan aims to help students by collecting various types of information about college choices based on ranking, scholarships, and educational environment.

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