School Is Not for Everyone

pencil-1497126_1920Life is not a time bomb. You have time. I know it all seems scary right now; I know school seems really important, but in the scheme of things, it’s not.

In four years time, are you going to be thankful you got that extra mark on your math test?

In ten years time, are you going to cling onto the fact that your attendance was over 90% in PE?

In thirty years time, when you have a family, will you recover an old science assignment and show it off proudly?

In seventy years time, will it matter that you wore the incorrect uniform for a week at school?

In one hundred years time, will your children read a school report at your funeral?

I didn’t think so.

Yes, schooling is important. But what’s really important is you coping enough to move on. If it’s 3am and you have a test the next day, get some sleep. Your health comes first, and think about it: how are you supposed to take anything in at 3am? If you’re skipping a friend’s birthday because you have school early, go anyway. Just leave earlier than you would have originally. You can’t let school stop you from living; yes, it’s only a small part of life, and you should try your best, but don’t let it destroy you.

If you’re standing in front of your mirror one morning and crying because your hair looks like crap, leave the house anyway. Does it really matter how people see you for 12 hours? Does it matter how they see you at all? No. You leave the house, and you work it because you’re better than anyone who’s telling you otherwise.

If your friend is struggling and you can’t help because of an assignment, ditch it. Friendship and health are more important than one grade. This is the stuff that takes you through life — the stuff that sticks with you.

I’m still in school, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that none of this really matters. You drop out? It’s okay; school isn’t for everyone. You find another direction. You bomb in a test? Make up for it next time. Don’t waste your time crying about it. You’re late for something important? At least you showed up.

Give yourself a break! Scrap that “nobody’s perfect” and replace it with “nobody is anywhere near perfect” because it’s way more accurate. You’re a person, you make mistakes, the end. You have to leave to forgive and be forgiven.

School is not the be all and end all. If you have no clue where your future is leading you right now, great. You have endless possibilities. Don’t stress because time is not running out. You have at least 80 years left, and that is quite a lot. You’ll be working for most of that, so choose something you enjoy. Forget money. Yes, if you want to be an engineer, go for it. But don’t chase that dream for the millions because if you don’t enjoy it, what are you really achieving? Slow down and think about things, but not too much. Let things happen. Take a step back for once. Let time pass you by; because, darling, if you’re ever letting school get the better of you, that’s not the best of you.

You are so much more.

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