Science Even Your Pets Won’t Keep You from Reading

air pollution

If you, unlike the most powerful portion of the people at Fox News, believe that climate scientists actually know stuff and aren’t just pathological schemers bent on making the world a cleaner place simply to boost sales of solar panels or something, then you may have already heard of—or even read—the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s recent synthesis report.  This report distills over a year of work by more than 800 scientists and offers what scientists consider to be yet more proof that climate change is in fact real and our fault.

Reading all of it is no easy task, though, as life is often a busy kind of thing filled with jobs and relationships and cats constantly wanting to be on you, so you may find Mark Fischetti’s 29 bullet points of the most important data a welcome resource. At least they can be said to represent science, and not just a party-driven anti-science agenda.

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