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In the new Freeform drama Shadowhunters, Cassandra Clare’s novels come back to the big screen with plenty of magic, romance, and mythical creatures galore. Even though The Mortal Instruments was made into a movie back in 2013, this new vision of the series is sure to be more pleasing for longtime fans of the book series. The television show introduces audiences to the world of the Shadowhunters, which is located in modern day New York City. While the scenery may seem less than extraordinary, the hidden world that lies within is filled with all sorts of magical creatures, including werewolves, demons, and, of course, Shadowhunters. Now, with demons on the loose in the city and a group of teens ready to take them down, fans are in for plenty of action with this series filled with epic battles, eerie villains, and a romance that is out of this world, literally.

Even from the first scene of the series, the Shadowhunters are out in the city looking for demons and supernatural beings who seek to unleash havoc and terror in New York City. Their unworldly universe is kept a secret from the human world — that is, until the story’s heroine, Clary Fray, gets into the mix. She can see everything that is occurring in the battle between the demons and the Shadowhunters in the Pandemonium club, where she witnesses Jace and his group of allies confronting a demon. This event opens Clary’s eyes to the world that lies within her own and leads her to discover who she really is and what kind of chaos her mom was secretly involved in. Once Clary realizes that something is terribly wrong, she returns to her home, only to find that her mother has been kidnapped by the evil Valentine, who may have secret connections of his own to Clary and her mother. As Clary embarks on an epic adventure with her new ally, Jace, and her human best friend, Simon, she must follow Valentine to save her mother, discover her true self, and decide what feelings she has for both Jace and Simon.

This epic fantasy series is surely just what fans of the books are looking for. With plenty of suspense and a budding romance, both male and female audiences are sure to enjoy the series. So far, the show has been fairly consistent to the book series, but it has included a couple of new surprises to keep even readers guessing the whole time. While some of the acting is subpar and at times unrealistic, the series is still incredibly interesting. I personally enjoy that the producers are not making the television series just like the book because even I was left shocked and surprised, despite the fact that I have read the entire series.

With the human world falling to pieces and evil creatures running free around the city, the Shadowhunters have an incredible challenge to overcome. From episode one and beyond, this series continues to be a captivating new television series for fans of Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. If you are interested in mysterious, romantic, or action-packed entertainment, catch Shadowhunters every week on Freeform or Hulu and follow Clary and the Shadowhunters as they face the challenge of a lifetime.


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