She Fell from the Sky by Noa

She fell from the sky in a bundle
Weeping and sleeping and eating and cooing
She discovered the outside world with no grace
But she delighted in every sight no matter

She took the world by storm
Climbing and speaking and learning and dancing
I carried her on my shoulders and she remembered
With her rosy cheeks and frizzy hair tied in a knot

She was hit hard by emptiness
Fighting and feeling and singing and laughing
She believed in her independence and loved every moment of it
But she knew she was still naïve

She shed all her innocence
Thinking and living and running and writing
She thought she knew who she was with no fear
With her lipstick and her straight short hair

She spilled her secrets
Loving and breathing and falling and keeping
I watched her marry and she held my hand as she did
And she galloped into her sunset

She learned the truths of life
Screaming and hurting and smiling and caring
She woke with the sun and put on her face to take on the world
Then she read stories as she tucked in the bed sheets

She felt the weight of age
Seeing and smelling and touching and losing
She watched as the time rolled on and her heart beat slower
While her children grew with her

She fell asleep alone
Remembering and remembering and remembering
She let the world spin around her as she moved slower
And she fell into the sky again





Noa is a musical-theatre-loving bibliophile who may often be found behind her computer screen, drafting her next novel. A junior in high school, she spends most of her time hard-at-work, fighting stress over APs and SATs, but when she’s not busy with that, she’s listening to all of the musicals she can lay her hands on and reading as much YA fantasy as humanly possible. Her dream is to become an author and she very much intends for (and hopes for) that to come true!

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