Silence’s Song by Cassandra Peterson

Even in quiet,
There is sound.
Hearts beating,
Clocks striking,
The electric humming.
All separate.
All one.

The songs of birds,
As we pass them by,
Hardly noticing,
Never minding.
Yet they are there,
Making sounds our ears tune out.

There is a song in it.
A longing song,
A love song,
A tragedy,
Words unspoken,
Soft, meek voices unheard.

A symphony,
A cacophony,
Of silent noise,
Beautiful and Harmonic,
Ugly and discordant,
A song that we never hear–
Though it’s more like we don’t listen.
Tuning out the world.
Missing the song in Silence.





CassandrapgermphotoCassandra Peterson is a 17-year-old from Massachusetts. She enjoys reading, writing, and singing in her school choir. Currently in her senior year of high school, she plans on pursuing a college degree and becoming a teacher in secondary English. Beyond that, she hopes to someday become an author and inspire people through her works. She wants her readers to be able to feel the emotions in whatever she may write, but most of all she just wants to tell a good story.

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