A Simple Servant by Anna Sharudenko

A simple servant in my fist
A royal goddess of the words I think,
Equally adept at words’ removal
and seeking my mind’s approval.

Erases all the struggles and scribbles I make,
Graceful sweeps, twirling gently like a snowflake.
Gradual movements in a frosty air.
Skating in a charming way, but leaving behind a slight impress.

Pressing the end firmly on a plain white paper.
Demonstrating its boldness by a confident solid line.
Elaborating patterns which are stunning to behold.
Vigorous swirls and curves that are barely controlled.

Slowly erasing the last piece of his tender soul.
A battle of ferocious emotions, demonstrating a desperate bleak hole.
Handicapped with half its function
And thrown away without compunction.




Anna Sharudenko 2Anna Sharudenko, age 15, grew up in the crowded streets of Moscow, Russia. She was always a strong-willed child who enjoyed writing and exploring. Approximately, four years ago, she moved to the United States of America to begin education and finally start approaching her dreams. Since birth, she loved giving objects souls, names, and various characteristics. She is incredibly honored to be published in Germ Magazine for the second time!

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