whale whale whale
;means I miss you means I’m thinking about the last time we stared at each other for eleven long
seconds and then burst out laughing and then you nibbled my ear

;means there were lots of people holding hands in the streets today means I almost thought I saw
you on the chairlift means I thought about you first instead of him means tired sometimes but not

dumb oprah gif
;means sun shined today so bright that the selfie we took in the rainy haze is shitty but kept it
anyway means I don’t like the grey without you

corgi pic from pinterest
;means you’re sitting through christmas dinner means it’s past midnight here means talking a
little but not a whole lot and not all the time means telling myself to walk away RIGHT NOW
and what does that mean





GeenaGeena Kloeppel is a 19-year-old songwriter from Bonn, Germany, now at home in New York City. She is a microphone junkie, Netflix enthusiast, and recovering cappuccino addict. Her album Young (Long Play) is out now.

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