Today’s world is abundant with struggle and adversity. Millions of people face poverty, have limited to no access to education, and are left with very little opportunity to break free from this grueling circle. However, increasing numbers of fair trade or socially responsible companies are popping up and restoring hope and opportunities to areas that were otherwise distressed. One of these companies is Sseko Designs.

f0546e0226dee2adc301884f2e247752Sseko is a fashion and design company that provides not only employment to impoverished areas, but also scholarships to help women pursue higher education and to break their cycle of poverty. At this point in time, Sseko has helped 47 women continue on to University, and also currently employees a team of 50 women in Uganda.

The Sseko mission surrounds three major issues that exist in these areas: A lack of opportunity for female students to continue to University and pursue societal leadership positions; inequality for employment and economic opportunities for females in patriarchal societies; and, the previous negative impact that has been caused by charities and nonprofit organizations. Their mission aims to combat these issues and create positive social change through the empowerment and education of women of these communities.

d768d214ee4754c1d17d1b8923568ba4Not only is Sseko great for the dozens of women who are given a chance to break out of this cycle of poverty, but it also produces fabulous footwear and accessories that allow you to contribute to the cause. While it all started with three lone workers under a mango tree in Uganda, making their notorious (and stylish) ribbon sandals, the company has expanded to partnering with established places in Kenya and Ethiopia that also produce woven textiles and leather goods. All in all, your purchases will allow the company to aid growing East African economies and will fund their very important education mission.

If you are looking to feed your shoe obsession (a.k.a. your inner Carrie Bradshaw), check out their website and browse their beautiful handcrafted sandals, handbags, and accessories. They even have a link to tell you all of the ways that you can tie your lovely new ribbon sandals! You can easily shop online, or you can use their retail locator to see if any of their 362 retail carriers are near you.

Take a minute and browse all of the wonderful goods, knowing that your purchase would be socially responsible by generating revenue for a cause that transcends fashion.

Sseko believes that “every woman has a dream. When she has the opportunity to pursue those dreams, we are collectively walking towards a brighter and more just and beautiful world.”


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