Solace Seekers by Daniela Sordillo

Photo courtesy of Shishi Shomloo
Photo courtesy of Shishi Shomloo

The solace seekers search for something that will help them escape.
On hands and knees with their magnifying glasses.
They scour the Earth,
Ripping their eyes out so they dangle from the optical nerve — ghouls that wander at night.
They think they will find solace this way.
But I have a secret:
Solace doesn’t exist.
There is no escape from pain, and
Any attempt to reduce suffering
Lays pain at someone else’s door.
And the face of destruction
Is quite happy
To leave its little speckled eggs
Brewing, waiting to hatch.
Waiting to wreak havoc.
They drift, ghosts in the corridors,
Blinded, eyes: honey — thick, glazed over.
Oblivious to the ripple effect of their dropping their stone into water.
They don’t think of consequences.
Laws of physics:
Actions — reactions.
They don’t think of anything other than numbing the pain,
Until the party is over, the liquor bottles are empty,
And they are alone.
Who loves you when you are alone?
Even your shadow leaves in the night.
Who loves you when the only voice in your head
Is condemning you to death?




Daniela Sordillo is a seventeen-year-old student from the UK who writes poetry to help her make sense of herself. She is currently in the process of publishing a book of the poems she’s written in the past year entitled “Red Jacket,” available soon on Amazon Kindle. She’s obsessed with tea and make-up. Constantly tired and cold. Generally happy and smiley — sometimes not. Trying to see the beauty in everything. Loves taking selfies. Find more of her work on her DeviantArt page. Her collection of poems, Red Jacket, is now available for purchase on Amazon.


If she isn’t vegging out in front of her computer or making terrible puns, Shishi Shomloo is probably looking through the viewfinder of her camera (she finds that oftentimes the world makes more sense that way). Other interests and hobbies of hers include writing, drawing, eating, and crying over fictional characters. You can reach her at [email protected] and more of her work is available on her Flickr.

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