Spacewalker by Marisa Yow

You deserve nothing less
Than extraordinary.
Do not settle for
Mediocre just because it’s there.
Do not settle for
Anything less than
Amazing just because you can.
You are worth the universe.
Do not give in to stars and praises.
Compliments and galaxies
Are nothing but words and constellations
Compared to you.
You are beautiful,
A wreckage of hurt and bruises and wounds
Yet you still shine.
You are beautiful.
Meteor showers and comets
Are incredibly stunning,
But you─
You are a shooting star,
You are a reckless blazing fire.
Do not dim your light
To accustom to their darkness.
There are galaxies in your veins
So don’t you ever try to tear them apart.
You do not deserve to hurt yourself.
You will never bleed yourself dry─
I won’t let you.
He can be a gorgeous mess,
Everything that you’ve ever wanted,
Desired, hoped for, and dreamed of,
But he is not Zeus─
No matter how god-like you think he is─
And he is not worth it.
Until the day he crosses the universe for you
Climbs the stars and voyages galaxies
To fashion a smile out of lightning on your face,
He is and he will never be worth it.
He is but a boy
And you do not deserve
To cry your heart out over him.
Do not tear yourself apart
To keep him whole.
I forbid your universe to crumble
Should he ever leave you.
I did not give up on you
So you would end up with boys like him.
He will never steal the stars for you
Because he’s too fixated on asteroids
To realize that you are too good for him.
I defied space for you
Because you were my universe.
Do not fall in love with him
For hanging the sun in the sky
Because I know that you love the rain more.
Do not fall in love with a boy
Who only sees you as another castaway
To add to his collection of broken stardust.
One day you’ll find a boy
Who would walk the surface of the universe
A million times over
Just to be with you.
And until that day comes,
Do not settle
For anything less
Than extraordinary.




Marisa Yow is 15 years old, and she lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is exceptionally good at binge-watching Korean dramas or any Netflix series, obsessing over Stranger Things (which is her current obsession), crying over movies and books (like full on, ugly and snotty sobbing), laughing at her own jokes, and petting dogs. She’s an avid lover of the rainy days, old movies, desserts, and Christmas. More of her work can be found at, and you can find her on Wattpad at; she’d love to be friends!

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