As a human being living on planet earth, there is always something that I care about. There is always news of a new disaster striking, and there are so many people who need help. Thankfully, people are out there giving them that help. There are numerous charities and organizations that help different causes, whether it’s for people, animals, or Mother Earth. I’ve always found that these people — people who genuinely and actively help others, either across the globe or in their own community — are the biggest blessing to the human race.

Now, while I try to stay as informed as possible and so badly want to get involved, I never really thought that I could help. I could never find it in me to take a month off of life and travel to a third world country. I could find some time after school to volunteer locally, but eventually life would catch up with me, and I couldn’t keep my extra commitments (anyone notice that it’s been awhile since my last Germ article?). Soon enough, I accepted the fact that it just wasn’t my calling to be a great activist of our time; the bottom line was that I didn’t have much to offer.

volunteer 2It wasn’t until later that I started finding opportunities and began to help out in the best way that I could, learning that every little bit counts. I found that what I have to offer this world is my passion for music. I soon found ways to use music and help out, and I’ve been able to provide music for different fundraising events for organizations such as the Orange Country Human Trafficking Task Force and the Women’s Shelter of Long Beach. I’ve also volunteered for Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls Orange Country, which is empowering women of all ages through music and informing them about different social justice issues.

The key to finding a way to help is to find out what you love. Pick one thing (or two things) that you can do, and use it. Just because you aren’t starting your own non-profit does not mean that you can’t help. If you’re good at computers, offer to make a free website for an organization or flyers for an event. If you love sports, set up a benefit game for your community. If you have followers on twitter, tweet “Hey! check out *way to get involved*” There is always a way to help out.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to take that step and spring into action. Everyone is needed. So what can you do?



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