Stop judging people for how they look, how much they weigh, or how they are.

Just don’t judge people. Don’t pass along mean comments about others because you never know what they are going through. Just be nice to people. There are so many mean, rude, and selfish people around, and it won’t cost you anything to be nice. Plus, making other people’s days makes us happy too.

There a lot of people who suffer from depression — and please, don’t make it poetic. Don’t tell these people to get their sh*t together “because others have it worse.” This advice won’t make their problems go away. Just tell them that you are going to be there with them. Give them all the love and support they need. They will feel like they can talk to you. Just be nice to people.

While we’re at it, stop treating people with mental illness like sh*t. We as a culture don’t want to talk about mental illness because we think that by not talking about it we are making it go away — but it doesn’t go away. It makes it worst. When someone commits suicide, we focus on that individual’s decision but ignore why they did it. Yes, they had the choice not to take their life, but many times we made them feel like they didn’t have a choice. We labeled them, we made them feel like they weren’t important, and we treated them like sh*t. In some cases, that’s why they took their own lives.

Those of you who are suffering from any mental illness: You are important. There are people who love you. You are not broken or a default piece.

You are you, and you are loved.

Those of you who are being judged for your appearance: Don’t pay attention to people who are judging you. You are not what they say about you. Just be happy with who you are because you are a hella-fine-looking person.

Those who think they don’t fit anywhere: You are an amazing person. Don’t change yourself so you can fit in with so-called “cool people.” You are a unique person, and there is no one like you. If you think that changing yourself will help you to be cool and to fit in so this society will accept you, don’t believe it. Because whatever you do, they are always going to make you feel like you don’t fit in. Anyway, a secret is that these “cool people” are not as perfect as they seem to be. Everyone has flaws. We need to learn to accept our flaws because they make us who we are. And you don’t need to be perfect for anyone. Just love yourself as you are, and you will find people who like you for who you are.

Please be nice to people because you never know if the person next to you is having a panic attack or if his/her life is falling apart. Smile at people, compliment them, tell them they are wanted and loved. Tell them there is no one like them in this world. This might make their day. You might not remember the moment, but they will always remember and appreciate you for that.

At least take the time to make one person’s day. There is a lot of bad in this world, and if we try to be good to each other, then the world will be a better place to live.




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Priyanka Mane is a law student. She loves reading and writing stories. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves to watch Marvel or DC movies. Mostly you will find her in a library or behind her laptop thinking about new stories to write. Sometimes you will find her studying.

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