Jordan Emmons, a writer at Too Damn Young, created this lovely video for the #TellUsAboutThem campaign, sharing about the lives of those she’s loved and lost.

In the description box, Jordan explains more about the campaign itself:

If you have lost a friend, family member, or loved one:

In partnership with Germ Magazine, Too Damn Young is asking you a question you’ve probably never been asked — won’t you #TellUsAboutThem?

Through the week of August 17th, we want you to #TellUsAboutThem through 15 second videos and personal essays. If you’re considering the video, send them to us at tellus[at]

If you want to #TellUsAboutThem in a longer essay format, email vivian[at]

We’re dubbing August 21st #TellUsAboutThem Day! On this day in particular we want to see all of you use the hashtag #TellUsAboutThem and tag @2DamnYoung + @Germzine in special, story-filled Instagrams and Twitter posts.

Germ Magazine: “#TellUsAboutThem

Too Damn Young: “Tell Us About Them: Before Your Loved Ones Died, They Lived

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