The Best Fashion Hacks

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Fashion hacks have been very popular for quite a while now. However, there are so many out there that it can get a bit overwhelming. I decided to make a list of the best fashion and style hacks that you definitely need to know.

Deodorant Stains:

Just realized that your new deodorant leaves yellow stains on your favorite white shirt? This is easily fixed by mixing some baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and water and applying that to the stains. And just like that, your shirt looks brand new again!

Tight Shoes:

Sometimes you end up buying a pair of shoes that you love, but they are just a bit too tight for you. So instead of getting blisters all over your feet, try placing a bag of water in each shoe, and then put your shoes in the freezer. The next morning your shoes will fit like a glove.

Runs in Your Tights:

To prevent runs in your tights, spray them with hairspray. However, if you do end up ripping your tights, apply some clear nail polish to prevent it from ripping any further.

Scratched Leather:

To remove the scratches on your favorite leather jacket, use a small amount of moisturizer and rub it in, and the scratches will be gone.

Old T-shirt:

To make your old T-shirt as soft as possible, leave it in salt water for a couple of days. After about three days, your shirt will feel brand new.

Shedding Sweaters:

To stop your favorite sweaters from shedding all over the place, put them in the freezer overnight, and it won’t happen again.

Painful New Shoes:

To break in new shoes, put them on while wearing socks and then use a hot hairdryer on them. This way, you will be able to immediately wear your new shoes without getting any blisters.


I hope you enjoyed reading these fashion hacks. Hopefully they will come in handy for you in the future!

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