The Brink of Darkness: A Dark, Thrilling Return to the Lowlands

Zoe and X are divided by two worlds: Earth and the Lowlands. Faced with even more intensity and life-altering events, The Brink of Darkness follows The Edge of Everything, giving YA readers of all ages another thrilling, gritty, and romantic read.

Zoe is left in shambles after the disturbing deaths of her neighbors, the unsettling revelations about her father, and the absence of X, the boy she loves. But when a car accident goes awry and a familiar face from the Lowlands appears, so does Zoe’s chance to be reunited with X. With danger still to come and the unexpected appearance of Ripper, another prisoner of the Lowlands, everything Zoe and her friends know to be true comes into question. With just as much suspense and romance as his previous release, Jeff Giles delivers a complex, riveting, and completely original story about teenage relationships and family. This is one of the most intriguing and wildly unique fantasy books I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

The Brink of Darkness leaves me at a loss for words. The worldbuilding found within the pages of Giles’s work is nothing but extraordinary. Not only does the series delve into realistic scenes from modern society on Earth, but it also takes place in the Lowlands. Both worlds seamlessly combine in order to make one of the most engaging and fun fantasy novels I’ve read in a long time. I am continually impressed by Giles’s witty dialogue and realistic portrayal of both teen life and young relationships. And while this installment seemed in some ways a bit repetitive of the previous installment, readers are still brought with more action and more high-intensity moments with Zoe and X, in addition to a larger cast of characters that are certain to win over the hearts of readers. Overall, Giles adds a diverse and quirky (in the best way possible) tale that readers are guaranteed to never forget. I cannot wait to see what Giles releases in the future.

Two teens, two very different lives. In Jeff Giles’s second novel, following The Edge of Everything, Zoe and X continue their romance as they fight to be together and to protect those they love as the Lowlands threatens their future. Grab your copy of The Brink of Darkness and return to the Lowlands with Zoe and X, an adventure that cannot be missed.

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