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Nemesis was made for two things: to protect her master and to kill her foes. Released on December 1, 2016, S. J. Kincaid’s newest novel, The Diabolic, is sure to please anyone who enjoys complex YA novels and characters that are impossible to forget. Vanity, violence, and revenge are all highlighted in this fast-paced, sci-fi thriller. With an evil emperor, a world with knowledge, and a girl set on getting revenge, S. .J. Kincaid’s latest will grip the hearts of readers.

The Diabolics were created to protect the rich. They are not humans, and they cannot feel love, except for their masters, of course. Nemesis, a Diabolic, is called upon to protect the senator’s daughter, Sidonia, so Nemesis is responsible for caring for her and defending her for the rest of Sidonia’s life. Then the Diabolics are banned; Sidonia and her family keep Nemesis a secret and cover up her death. From this point on, Nemesis is willing to do anything to protect the life of Sidonia, the girl who saved her life. But when Sidonia is called to live with the emperor due to her father’s defiance, Nemesis is sent in her place, disguised to trick the emperor and the rest of the world. As Nemesis soon learns, their life swap is anything but simple. With evil members of the emperor’s family, a secret supply of Diabolics, and the lure of the emperor’s nephew, Tyrus, Nemesis is cast into a world of brutality, royalty, and lies. Told with a fierce voice and plenty of cringe-worthy violence, The Diabolic is a novel that can easily become addicting and completely absorbing.

When I first began reading this novel, I was not sure whether or not the book would live up to the hype; The Diabolic delivered a story of the power of love and the true meaning of being human. The plot flows smoothly and was highly engaging and action-packed. While I loved the overall violent and intense feel of the novel, it is a bit overwhelming, and some readers may find the splattering of blood and death on each page to be too much to handle. For those with strong stomachs and the desire to embark on one of the most epic journeys presented to readers in 2016, The Diabolic is a sci-fi masterpiece that needs to be read (and re-read).

While many science-fiction novels have been released this year, nothing can compare to the strength in characters and complexity of The Diabolic. From public executions to a deadly romance, this novel gives readers plenty to get excited about. Follow Nemesis and Tyrus as they fight to save the only world they have ever known, bring knowledge back to their people, and take control of their own destinies.


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