The Girl Who Writes by Jasmina Kuenzli

Don’t mess with the girl who writes
She’ll immortalize you
Build you into a better version of yourself
Encase you in gold statue
Write how much she cares
For every curve of your muscles
Every hollow of your bones
She’ll tell the world
How you make her nerves stand on end

Don’t fuck with the girl who writes
Go out with her just to be nice
Just because she’s pretty and you have nothing better to do
She’ll find out
And she’ll feel it like you ripped her open
To see how she worked inside
Then sewed her up
And stabbed her where it would hurt the most

Don’t fuck with the girl who writes
When she falls in love with you she won’t tell you
She’ll write it into poetry, into verses
You can’t get out of your head
She’ll say words that will burn her into your memory
Words of devotion, sustenance, of air to breathe
She’ll suffocate you if you’re not careful

Don’t fuck with the girl who writes
She’ll make you into a villain
A black leather jacket and the embers of a cigarette
The smoke rising from a joint in the front seat of her car
She’ll listen to Taylor Swift and write you a list of grievances
Of condemnations
And when she is done with you
You will be heartbroken instead of her
When she is done
Your whole life will be splattered on the pages of the screen

And everyone will see how much she loved you
And how you only fucked with her
The girl who writes


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