There is a point at which we must realize

just how very blue the sky is and
how far the stars travelled
so we could see their light.

We must know that the sun sets
and rises everyday, creating a
magnitude of color that enhances
who we are without us even realizing it.

And that music comes from within our
pulsating veins the same way
rain beats the pavement
on a cool night.

And we should know just how
extraordinary it is to be both
nothing and everything
at the same time.

Insignificant, yet so vital.

Broken, yet still whole.

Human. Alive.



Taylor Brown is a sixteen-year-old aspiring writer and poet. She currently lives in the southern part of the United States, but she would love to travel the world someday. In addition to writing, she loves reading and music. She has also written a story on Wattpad based on All the Bright Places. You can find her there @taybrown924.

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